Why Are You Here?

Get Ready to the Create Your eCourse

Welcome to the 'How to Create an Online eCourse & Monetize Your Knowledge'. Let’s get started.

Our goal is to help you turn your knowledge into a successful online business. Not only do we offer the training and support resources to get you there, but the #1 platform to help you to design it; Teachable.

To that end, this 8-Week Course is designed to guide you along as you build out the foundation and key marketing assets for your next online course in 30-40 days (or less) so that it’s ready to pre-sell and you can make an impact in the world and to monetize your knowledge. The goal here is for you to take your time to create what you desire and a course that your can sell.

Here’s a quick look at how what to expect:

  • Learn the key tools and systems that will help you create an online eCourse successfully.
  • Learn how to build a course that sells.
  • Learn how you can monetize your knowledge by creating an eCourse.
  • Learn some simple steps how to pre-sell your course before it is even ready to launch.
  • Learn how to leverage, package, position, and price your eCourse.

The Process

You'll get your first official course creation content, June 7. The course is broken up into 8 modules over eight weeks, each week has specific objectives for you to achieve and resources to help you along the way. You’ll receive an email every Sunday prompting you to log into the course creation content video and view that week’s content module. Each module is weekly timed release to give you time to complete the assignment and to make sure you are working the content, as well as to answer any questions.

Here is an overview of the LIVE Video Modules:

Module 1: Welcome: How to Create Your First Online eCourse & Monetize Your Knowledge

Module 2: Let's Choose Some Topics, Titles & Design Your e-Course

Module 3: Your Unique System, How to Create Your Content

Module 4: How to Price Your eCourses & Create Sexy Paydays

Module 5: How to Pre-sell, Monetize, Package, Sell and Launch Your Course

Module 6: Butts In Seats: How to Get More People to Your eCourses using Social Media

Module 7: Lights, Camera, Action : Launching Your eCourse!

Module 8: Wealth Creation, Create Wealth from Your eCourses Over and Over Again.

Join the Community & Support

After each section share your wins and ask questions throughout your course building period below each section. Look out for community prompts throughout the course for specific actions to share. If you have additional questions please leave them below or email me Kim at [email protected]

Knowledge Base & Resources

Please make sure you look under Resources Tab for any additional information to support you in building your eCourse or step-by-step articles on how to use Teachable, as well as answers to common questions.


If you can’t find the answers you’re looking submit a question below each section and I will get an answer straight within 48 hours. Email Kim @ [email protected]

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